The Tailcoat

The most elegant dress of the male wardrobe can be also referred to as white tie.

This is the way we used to define the tailcoat, for example, on an invitation, to distinguish it from tuxedo, or black tie .
It is not the only difference: the jacket, black as well, had tails, no buttons, and covers a white pique vest .

Even the shirt has a shot at piquet, as well as the tie must be piquet.

Black top hat, white gloves, silk scarf and stick, even if they are used less and less, have helped to create the tailcoat myth.

And the movie could not afford to miss a dress so elegant: from Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers movies (unforgettable in "Top Hat ") to the recent Titanic starring Leonardo Di Caprio .

In fact, not only the movie, but the whole world of entertainment has a real liking for this dress.

Symphony orchestras, musicians and opera singers use the tailcoat for concerts and performances, and if the famous three tenors brought it back in front of audiences around the world, already an artist such as Domenico Modugno had made him popular with the unforgettable "old tailcoat".

After all, the world of dance is strictly connected with the tailcoat. Many choreography are inspired by the tailcoat, which remains always the dress suitable to accompany a lady to a dance gala. Especially if it is a " debutante ball ".