The Tuxedo. Impeccable style, for a classy evening.

The evening gown for excellence has many names. In most of the world is called smoking, in the United States is called tuxedo, in England dinner jacket.

The tuxedo can be also referred to as black tie, to distinguish it from tailcoat or white tie, which is worn only with the white tie.

There are many occasions to wear a tuxedo. An important dinner, a first in the theater, an elegant evening: in any case, you should wear it always when accompanying a lady in evening dress.

In general, if the event takes place in the evening tuxedo dress is suitable ... whoever is the landlord!

Tuxedo jacket, almost always black, can have lapels "spear" or "shawl", the pants should have a lateral stripe silk shirt with double cuff for cufflinks, usually has one shot at vertical folds . All this is complemented by the wing, tie and cufflinks.

It is also possible to wear a white jacket: in this case, usually, the pants is black. It is a complete suitable for special occasions, not despised by celebrities.