The Morning Dress. The classical elegance for an unforgettable day.

The italian name "Tight" of this dress comes from "tight coat," tight jacket. The British, however, call it differently: Morning Dress.
In fact, the Morning Dress is worn only during the day.
The jacket, gray smoke of London, never black, it can also be short: in this case it is called "Mezzo Tight."
Of course, short jacket stands for a classic length jacket with revere spear and fastened with a single button .
The vest is light gray, trousers are striped .
The pearl gray tie is a good alternative to the plastron , the traditional neckerchief ; shirt has different neck depending on which one you use.
Tight is completed by cylinder, gray or black , and by leather gloves.
A wedding ceremony is the most frequent occasion to wear tight . In addition to the groom it will be worn by witnesses and both by the father of the bride and the groom .The tight can be also required for all guests.
Prince Edward of England wore for his wedding the traditional tight, while his brother Charles decided to make an exception to the rule, wearing an elegant gray suit .
Another Edward , the famous Prince of Wales (later King Edward VIII since abdication in December 1936) obeyed the rules, at least those related to dress code: its careful elegance made ​​him a real legend.

When Tight is a must: the Royal Ascot.

Every year in June, at Ascot hippodrome, one of the most famous horse races of the whole England takes place: the Royal Ascot. A sporting event, but also a society event, where is a must to come up with the right outfit. For man tight is a must, even better the morning dress. Cylinder included, of course.
The race takes its name from the sovereign. In fact Queen Elizabeth, known lover of horses as well as racecourse owner, never fails to visit the race champions.
Horse race is not the only race that takes place at Ascot.
Among the ladies, for example, there is always a unique competition: that of the hats!